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Getting started with Dewo
Getting started with Dewo
Set up your account and learn the basics of Dewo.
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Dewo lets you instantly find times to meet that work for everyone. Without sacrificing people's privacy, or ability to get deep work done.

To get started with scheduling meetings in Dewo:

  1. If you haven't already, connect your Google Calendar.

  2. Hit the green 'Schedule' button from the 'Meetings' tab.

  3. When you've added at least one person in the 'People' field, Dewo will automatically calculate the best times to meet, and provide you with suggested time slots.

    These slots appear as dark/light green or yellow boxes on the calendar. Dark green indicates the most optimal time, and yellow the least optimal time.

  4. Select one or more suggested times by clicking the boxes. If you select more than one, this will require the other attendees to vote on the best time. Once all participants have voted, the time with the most upvotes will be scheduled.

5. Hit the 'Create proposal' or 'Create event' button to send out the invitation. If you're sending a proposal with multiple possible times, the other attendees will receive a notification or e-mail with instructions to vote on the time(s) that work for them.

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