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Integrate Google Calendar with Dewo
Integrate Google Calendar with Dewo
Connect your calendar with Dewo for smarter scheduling
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Meetings are one of the biggest forms of low-value shallow work going, swallowing about 15.5 hours of our weekly schedule. When poorly planned, they can completely carve up our day, creating small pockets of inter-meeting time which are inadequate for focused deep work. It’s precisely why we built intelligent Google Calendar scheduling into Dewo.

Granting Dewo access to Google Calendar enables you to use the Meeting Scheduler, which looks at your team’s calendars and arranges meetings for minimal impact on everyone’s deep work. The integration ultimately gives you and your team the ability to make your meetings work for you, limiting their disruptive impact and keeping collaboration thoughtful.

To get set up, just head to the Settings page and click connect next to Google Calendar. You'll be asked to give permissions to allow Memory to access your calendar. Make sure you hit 'Allow':

When that's done, it's important that you have selected at least one calendar from your account to sync with Dewo. Click 'Select calendars' to check that:

Make sure that at least one calendar is checked:

You can also sync multiple calendars if you'd like.

That's it! Now Dewo can help schedule all your meetings around your deep work patterns.

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